Biblical Prophecy

Do people really burn forever in hell?

Last post we saw what happened when the righteous die, the sequence of events surrounding Christ’s return, and what happens between the time we die and Christ returns.

This post we’re going to look at what happens to the wicked.  What awaits them when Christ returns?  Where do they go for eternity? Continue reading

What happens when you die?

Last post we looked judgement and learned that there are two separate the distinct resurrections: one when Christ returns, and one a thousand years later.

This calls into question the issue of our soul’s mortality.  Many Christians believe that when you die, you go straight to heaven, or hell.  But, that cannot be if we are all go heaven at the same time as the Bible claims.  What happens in the intervening time?  Where are the souls of all the Christians who came before?  They haven’t been resurrected yet.  Judgement has not been passed.   Surely they are not in heaven, because they will be resurrected when Christ returns. Continue reading

Understanding the millennium in Revelation

Last post we went through the pre-advent judgment, that it was for God’s people (1 Peter 4:17), that it would happen before Christ’s return, and that it had already started.

This post we’re going to look at the next phase of judgement, the 1000 years where the wicked are judged.

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Pre-advent judgment

Last post we took a look at the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary as prophesied in Daniel 8.  This time we’re going to take a closer look at this phase of Christ’s ministry, this pre-advent judgement. Continue reading

What is the heavenly sanctuary?

The last post we were looking at the 2300 year prophecy in Daniel, and we went through the first 70 weeks.  If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest going back so you can start on the same page.

This post we’re looking at Daniel 8:14 specifically, where the prophecy states that after the 2300 years has ended, the sanctuary would be cleansed.  What does that mean? Continue reading

Daniel’s longest prophecy

We’ve spent the last few posts identifying the “little horn” of Daniel 7 and the “best” of Revelation 13.  Now we’re going to head back to Daniel to cover chapter eight, Daniel’s longest prophecy.

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Does the Bible support Sunday worship instead of Saturday?

Last post we looked at the Sabbath and some of the things the Bible says about it.  How it’s timeless, instituted at creation and will continue into the new creation after all this has passed.

This post we’ll look at some of the arguments used by people who want to justify Sunday worship instead of Saturday.  We’ll look at the Bible verses quoted and see what they really say. Continue reading