Biblical Prophecy

Introduction to the book of Daniel

If you haven’t read How can I trust the Bible? yet I suggest you do so first as an introduction to the introduction.  The reason why we are reading Daniel.

I thought it would be good to start with an introduction to the book of Daniel if we’re going to be talking about it for a while.  I’m going to assume that you’re fairly familiar with the Bible, so I’m not going to go through every detail, only the ones pertinent to our discussion.  If you’ve never read the book of Daniel, I’d suggest you do so first, though it’s not a requirement.

I hope you will grab your Bible and go through the verses with me.  I’m not going to type them all out, because I really want to encourage you to read through your Bible as well, to have to flip through it and know where the books are. Continue reading

How can I trust the Bible?

I’m struggling with what to start with on this blog.  There’s so much I want to cover, but everything I think of needs another post to lay the ground work for it.  Eventually I settled on what I think is the core first question: How can I trust the Bible?

After all, the Bible makes some outrageous claims if you think about it.  I mean, if you didn’t grow up Christian, concepts like an omnipotent, ever present creator who sent His son to die for something called our sins seems fairly outrageous.  And that’s the the tip of the iceberg. Aliens who shine like the sun, creatures with eyes all over them, turning water into wine, or blood, never ending pots of oil, raising people from the dead, walking on water, the list of crazy stories goes on and on.

So, how can we trust this book?  Who in their right mind would even consider believing these ridiculous claims? It’s no wonder people who aren’t Christian think that we brainwash our kids…after all, no one with an uncompromised, logical mind could possibly believe this stuff, right?  Right? Continue reading