How can I trust the Bible?

I’m struggling with what to start with on this blog.  There’s so much I want to cover, but everything I think of needs another post to lay the ground work for it.  Eventually I settled on what I think is the core first question: How can I trust the Bible?

After all, the Bible makes some outrageous claims if you think about it.  I mean, if you didn’t grow up Christian, concepts like an omnipotent, ever present creator who sent His son to die for something called our sins seems fairly outrageous.  And that’s the the tip of the iceberg. Aliens who shine like the sun, creatures with eyes all over them, turning water into wine, or blood, never ending pots of oil, raising people from the dead, walking on water, the list of crazy stories goes on and on.

So, how can we trust this book?  Who in their right mind would even consider believing these ridiculous claims? It’s no wonder people who aren’t Christian think that we brainwash our kids…after all, no one with an uncompromised, logical mind could possibly believe this stuff, right?  Right?

And sadly, the typically Christian answer is pretty weak.  More often than not, if you ask these questions, you receive in response, “You just have to have faith.”  And that statement is patently false because faith without knowledge leads to false doctrine, just as knowledge without faith leads to self righteousness.  So, if faith isn’t enough…how can be be sure in the Bible?

I believe the Bible has given us a strong reason to believe.  That reason is prophecy.  Prophecy is a scary word in many churches.  They don’t know what to do with it and so don’t teach it, and that’s a shame, because the two major books on prophecy in the Bible: Daniel and Revelation, predict the last 2600+ years of human history with some surprising detail, if you take the time to read them.   And this is our number one case for believing the Bible, I think.  After all, one would expect an omnipotent, all knowing God to be able to make predictions about the future, and to get them right.  So, what if He can?  What if a book that was written thousands of years ago can predict the two thousands years of history following it’s own writing?  I think that would be a strong case for believing that there might be something to this book we call the Bible.

So, we’re going to walk through Daniel and Revelation, the two major books on prophecy, and I think you’ll be surprised by what we find, because these books not only show the history of our geopolitical world, but also the history and future of the spiritual world behind what we see in our day to day lives they shed light on the struggles we will face as the end time approaches and how to recognize the time of the end.

Of course, we’ll also be leveraging the rest of the Bible for support, but Daniel and Revelation will be the base.  For many, I think this will be quite new, because most churches shy away from these books for various reasons, and so you don’t often get sermons on them.  If you go through these with me, you will know more about Biblical prophecy than anyone you know, including your pastor.  But, ultimately, I hope you will learn more about God in the process and that it will enhance your relationship with Him.

So, I hope you’ll stick with me for a while as we go through these.  My next post will be sort of an introduction to Daniel as we’ll start there.

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