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Beta-secretase M. Citron Alpha-secretases S. Ishiura ADAM 10/alpha secretase and presenilins/gamma secretase in APP processing and notch signaling D. Hartmann Gamma-secretase and presenilin M. Wolfe Biochemistry of gamma-secretase (tentative identify) S. Sinha Presenilin and intracellular protein delivery Degradation of Abeta by way of neprilysin T.C. Saido Degradation of Abeta by means of endothelin-converting enzyme C. Eckman Degradation of Abeta through insulin-degrading enzyme Lipid raft and Abeta metabolism T. Golde Lipid raft and Abeta accumulation M. Morishima-Kawashima and Y. Ihara Transport-dependent clearance of Abeta B. Zlokovic Abeta vaccination C. Lemere

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