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G. in Appalachian English): He might could do the work. She may can do the work. This is probably an inherited feature from Scots-derived dialects originally brought to the United States in the eighteenth century which then diffused into the language of the African-American population (see appalachian english). (7) The number of verb forms is reduced: the past has typically one form, based either on the simple past or the past participle: I’ve already ate. He drunk that stuff before. Grammar, verbal aspect (1) Uninflected be marks habitual aspect They be out on the street at night.

Initially, the transportation was via the Caribbean, then directly to the south-east coast of the later United States. 10]) meant that 18 African American English urban African American varieties developed outside the South (see great migration). Because these were severed from the historical core area they have frequently undergone developments not shared with the original varieties in the South. Varieties of African American English embody a large number of non-standard features on all levels of language.

Adopters, early and late For any instance of language change there will be (i) innovators, those who initiate a change and (ii) adopters who pick this up. The latter group can be divided into two with a small group of early adopters and a larger, more mainstream, group of late adopters. Only when the latter has adopted the change completely can it be said to have taken place fully. advanced pronunciation A form of a variety which shows all features characteristic of this variety to the fullest degree, including the most recent changes.

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