Download A deep but dazzling darkness: exploring God's ''dark side'' by Jennifer Jill Schwirzer PDF

By Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

Is God love, or is He justice - can those photos be reconciled?

Now you could discover God's darkish facet to unravel, as soon as and for all, a stumbling block of religion that makes trusting God tricky for hundreds of thousands. This eye-opening examine God's real personality may help you and others locate belief in a author who needs to stability justice and mercy.

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The famed slap had been the premier topic of conversation since the beginning of our confirmation class. ” we wondered aloud. Did he really let you have it? Molly Maguire, who knew everything about anything, assured us with an air of authority, “My brother, Joe, said it doesn’t feel like anything. The archbishop just says your confirmation name, sticks the oil on your forehead and barely even taps you on the cheeks. ” I wasn’t so sure. I’d never even been looked at by an archbishop, let alone slapped by one.

Light brings sight, but light brings blindness. Is the light to blame? Has the sun become dark because our eyes have gone dark? No. It’s still light. The hindrance to our ability to perceive the sun is not due to the sun itself, but to the inadequacies of the perceiving organ. When we try to see brilliant light, our eyes go dark, not with the darkness of the light itself, but with a darkness imposed by our frail sight mechanism. “God is light” (1 John 1:5). His very being is uninterrupted luminescence.

________________________ Endnotes 1. John Milton, Paradise Lost and Other Poems (Roslyn, NY: Walter J. , 1971), p. 91. 2. The Hebrew phrase chai nephesh, rendered “living being” in the NKJV, is synonymous with the phrase “living soul” in the KJV, indicating that a “soul” was not something placed within Adam and Eve, but was something they became as God animated them with His life. 3. S. , 1996), p. 74. 4. , p. 76. 5. Ibid. 6. Literally, in the Hebrew, “In the day that you eat of it, to die you shall die;” meaning that if Adam and Eve should disobey, sentence would immediately be pronounced upon them, ultimately resulting in their death.

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