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By Michael Sokoloff

The 1st new dictionary of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic in a century, this towering scholarly success presents a whole lexicon of the total vocabulary utilized in either literary and epigraphic resources from the Jewish group in Babylon from the 3rd century C.E. to the 12th century. writer Michael Sokoloff's basic resource is, in fact, the Babylonian Talmud, the most vital and influential works in Jewish literature. not like the authors of earlier dictionaries of this dialect, even if, he additionally makes use of a number of different assets, from inscriptions and criminal records to different rabbinical literature.A Dictionary of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic additionally differs from past lexographic efforts in its concentrate on a unmarried dialect. past dictionaries were composite works containing a number of Aramaic dialects from assorted sessions, blurring differences in which means and nuance. Sokoloff has been in a position to draw at the most present linguistic and textual scholarship to make sure the entire accuracy of his lexical entries, every one of that's divided into six components: lemma or root, a part of speech, English gloss, etymology, semantic positive factors, and bibliographic references. one other vital characteristic during this useful reference paintings is its index of all pointed out passages, which permits the reader of a given textual content to simply locate the semantics of a selected word.In addition to linguists and experts in Jewish Aramaic literature, lay readers and scholars also will locate this accomplished, updated dictionary necessary for realizing the Babylonian Talmud.

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Mathematische; geochemischer oder seismischer Daten) mathematical processing; 2. (mit Lauge) alkali treatment; 3. (thermische) thermal treatment Beharrungsgesetz n law of inertia, rule of inertia Beharrungsmoment n moment of inertia Beharrungsvermögen n inertia Beharrungszustand m persistence, persistency Beharrungszustand m 1. (bei Grundwasserentnahme) pumping elevation, pumping level; 2. (beim Pumpversuch) state of inertia behauen 1. to chip, to hew; 2. (Werksteine) to scabble Behauen n chipping Behelfsmethode f, Behelfsverfahren n makeshift method Beherrschung f des Gebirges strata control Beherrschung f des Hangenden roof control, strata control Behinderung f obstruction Behmlot n Behm depth indicator beieinandergelegen contiguous beilförmig hatchet-shaped Beilstein m (dichter Aktinolith oder Anthophyllit) jadestone, nephrite, yu[h]yu[h]stone Beimengung f 1.

Obere) timberline Baumlandschaft f treescape baumlos barren of timber, devoid of trees, treeless Baumpollen m arboreal pollen, AP baumreich arboreous Baumreihe f treeline Baumrinde f bark Baumstamm m 1. log, [tree] trunk, stem; 2. (versteinerter) dendrolite; 3. (verkieselter) dendrolite Baumsteppe f tree steppe Baumstruktur f dendritic texture Baumstubben m stool, stub, stump [of tree], tree stump Bausandstein m freestone Bauschanalyse f (Chemie) bulk analysis Bausohle f [working] level Baustein m 1.

Mit Bodentrennung) selective digging; 3. (oberirdischer) surface excavation; 4. (übertägiger) surface excavation Aushubboden m excavated soil, bank Aushuberde f bank, excavated soil Aushubfläche f excavated area Aushubmasse f quantity of excavation Aushubmenge f cutting volume, quantity of excavation Aushubsohle f excavation bottom, excavation floor Aushubtiefe f cutting depth, depth of cutting, digging depth Aushubvolumen n cutting volume, volume of excavation Aushubwand f cut face auskehlen to groove, to notch Auskehlung f channelling auskeilen to contract, to die away, to die out, to dovetail, to dwindle, to edge away, to end off, to fray out, to peter out, to pinch [out], to taper out, to thin away, to thin out, to wedge asunder, to wedge out Auskeilen n (einer Schicht oder eines Gangs) balk, baulk, dying-out, dwindling-away, ending off, petering out, pinching, tailing out, tapering out, thinning-out, wedging-out Auskesselung f cavity, washed-out hole, washout Auskippen n dumping ausklauben to pick out [the ore], to select auskleiden 1.

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