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B) putting together of ingredients for explosion. Paterson. 32 composure With sweet austere composure thus replied: composure ix 272 (a) equanimity, calmness. {b) carefully ordered speech composition. with what sweet compulsion ix 4 74 Compulsion thus transported (a) obligation, persuasion. (b) drive. Cf. "transported". Ricks, p. 60. *Comus {a) the tempter of Milton's masque, whose name in Gk. means "revelry" (103). {b) Mistakenly identified by Peck, p. 12 with "Chemos, the obscene dread of Moab's sons" (i 406).

Evans (Broadbent). (c) in effect, violated, raped. See Le Comte, Milton and Sex, pp. 78-81. deflowered ix 901 Strange alteration in me, to degree Of reason in my inward powers, and speech (a) a certain amount, extent. (b) step or stage in an ascent. Fowler. degree ix 599 deject PR 2, 219 her female pride deject, (a) discouraged. (b) cast down. deliverance, deliverer xii 235, 600; PR 2, 35; 3,374; xii 149,479 "Jesus" means "deliverer", as Shawcross notes: "Etymological Significance", pp. 46-7. depressed SA, 1698 So virtue ...

C) Orchis mascula. (d) Lotus corniculatus. OED. 38 crude crude Lye, 3 I come to pluck your berries harsh and crude, (a) unripe (L. crudus). (b) poem not polished. cr. "uncouth", 186. crude PR 2, 349 that crude apple that diverted Eve! (a) uncooked, raw (OED 2). (b) simple, common. crude C, 480 a perpetual feast ofnectared sweets, Where no crude surfeit reigns. SA, 700 In crude old age; (a) premature. (b) causing or suffering from a crudity, indigestion. Burden (for C). cry ii 654 A cry of hell-hounds (a) pack.

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