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By Phyllis Deane, Jessica Kuper

A useful paintings which serves as an creation to the topic and as a reference for all those that have to stay updated with fiscal pondering.

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K. (1962), The Affluent Society, London. C. (1981), ‘The social costs of monopoly power’, Economic Journal. D. (1981), The Economics of Advertising, London. See also: marketing research. Aid The terms aid or development aid (often also foreign aid or development assistance) are not entirely unambiguous and are often used with slightly different meanings by different writers and organizations. However, there is agreement that in essence resource transfers from a more developed to a less developed country (or from a richer country to a poorer country) qualify for inclusion in ‘aid’ provided they meet three criteria: (1) The objective should be developmental or charitable rather than military.

Surpluses may be dissipated by accumulating reserves or lending overseas. The fact that a flexible exchange rate guarantees a balance in the foreign exchange market does not mean a country is immune from balance of payments difficulties. A country may experience a decline in real income and employment because of the inability of exports to pay for imports on current account. Such a deficit financed by capital inflows will not preserve jobs, nor will a depreciating currency necessarily guarantee that the current account deficit will be rectified.

A. (1939), ‘A synthesis of the principle of acceleration and the multiplier’, Journal of Political Economy, 47. A. (1939), ‘Interactions between the multiplier analysis and the principle of acceleration’, Review of Economic Statistics, 21. Accounting Accounting deals with the provision of information about the economic activities of various accounting entities, the largest of which is the whole economy, for which national accounts are prepared. However, the traditional province of the accountant is the smaller unit, typically a business firm.

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