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This model predicts the behavior observed in today's particle accelerators as well as the scaled interactions of the sdSM at tunit , and before. If the universe is non-locally deterministic (by GRW) and spin synchronized (by Bell and Aspect), it logically implies that aU and the laws of physics are non-local. This eliminates the constraint that only interactions which are within a common event's light cone can exhibit similar (not necessarily coherent) behavior. With this, it seems that both BB and SS cosmologies could be synonymous!

166 ... 833 ... 01379 ... 6044 Year tU n aH0L H0 n 13 857 928 235 H78L years (73) Just as M(3D)/M(1D)=Q(2D)=A, there is an equivalence in this model between rL IML-3 n T -1 M by a GR conversion, and rL IM 4 n L-4 n cT-4 M by QM conversions. Getting to the L-2 or T -2 requires selective L=M conversions by assuming gravitational radii and Planck units. nb rL IM M = 4 3 Ñ c rc WL n rL IT -1 M = H4 p ê 3L-2 H0 ê 2 = 9 H4 pL-3 Ia8 ë 8M ë tunit 57 (76) It is shown that instead of a paradoxical disparity in their magnitudes, they are in fact precisely dual.

If a given mass experiences maximum compressibility relative to free space, the space it occupies has stopped expanding cmass n 0 ° ° and its mass density changes at the same rate as the universe expands rspace n cspace . The upper limit of compressibility in terms of a ° ° ° change in mass density per unit time is cspace - cmass n rspace - 0 n 1. The given mass and charge is seen as a black hole singularity at the limit of GR physics. This eliminates the need for any "new physics" beyond black hole singularities.

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