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The publication includes over 1100 phrases and is meant to be a brief reference advisor for the reader of The Hobbit & The Lord of the earrings, the place outdated, unusual and archaic phrases might be speedy appeared up and their that means made transparent. Draught for instance happens 35 occasions within the textual content with at the least five assorted meanings. It skill present of air in a single sentence, ingesting, or a drink or potion in one other, one that is drafted into carrier in one other, to attract or to drag in one other and at last the intensity a vessel sinks within the water. One must understand the entire meanings with a purpose to totally comprehend the textual content. The phrases within the first element of every one ebook are prepared so as of visual appeal within the books. within the final part, the phrases are prepared alphabetically for ease of discovering a specific be aware with no regard to the place it really is used. additionally incorporated is the sentence the place the notice is used to supply the reader with the contextual atmosphere of the note within the sentence it really is utilized in as an relief to appreciate the which means.

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They all pushed while Gandalf tried various incantations. ) on the way; fall upon or assail from ambush, as in order to rob, seize, or slay. they had frightened everyone away from the district, and they waylaid strangers. Chapter 3 A Short Rest faggots 58 A bundle or sticks, twigs, or small branches of trees bound together, used for fuel. The faggots are reeking, reeking 58 Smoke, vapor or steam emitted or exhaled, issue, rise. See text above for faggots. bannocks 58 A flat cake made of oatmeal, barley-meal, or the like, commonly cooked on a griddle.

The different arts, devices and stratagems by which they had been accomplished. smithereens 244 Small fragments: as to knock a thing to smithereens. He was breaking rocks to pieces... and all disappeared in a jumble of smithereens, and an avalanche of splintered stones fell over the cliff into the valley below. , unnaturally pale in complexion or hue, or wan. Slowly it grew to a little globe of pallid light. looking-glass 252 A mirror made of glass with a metallic or amalgam backing. A mirror. Still I wish there was a looking-glass….

Buffeted 206 Buffet. To strike as with the fist; beat; contend against as with blows. To deal blows; fight; struggle. he was so sore and stiff, so bruised and buffeted he could hardly stand or stumble… greybeards 207 A man with a gray beard; hence, an old man. some of the younger people in the town openly doubted the existence of any dragon in the mountain, and laughed at the greybeards and gammers who said that they had seen him flying in the sky in their young days. gammers 207 A rustic title or term for an old woman.

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