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An English educating textual content with Tibetan translation. Many pages of workouts. The English was once translated into chinese language and it was once from the chinese language that the Tibetan model used to be made.

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Here they are. ' 2. dresser n. *here adv. 4. pocket n. ( 2 ) . 1. Bill is sitting to the __ of Mary. (A) in (B) on (C) right (D) next to 2. Why __ she washing the dishes? (A) isn’t (B) is not (C) aren’t (D) are not 3. Larry is standing __ Mary and Jane. (A) in (B) between (C) left (D) inside 4. Why aren’t you __ his bicycle? (A) clean (B) ride (C) playing (D) fixing 5. There is a trash can __ to the refrigerator. (A) between (B) next (C) at (D) behind 6. What is that __? (A) between the bed (B) in your pocket (C) to the left dresser (D) in your keys Lesson 17: My Hometown .

But... # though) * but but 2 although ( # although ( although # although ( though) Though he is nice, but I don’t like him.?? Though he is nice, I don’t like him. = He is nice, but I don’t like him. ( ) 55 though) 4 0 b. ” ( because 7 # ) 3 so * so because Because he is nice, so we all like him. (X) Because he is nice, we all like him. (O) = He is nice, so we all like him. ( 4 ) V. Substitution B 1. He seldom gets together with his friends. ( % A He doesn’t usually get together with his friends.

Reading ) % =D I have two friends. One is short, and the other is tall. My short friend is fat, bald and ugly, but his girlfriend is beautiful. My tall friend is handsome, intelligent and strong, but his girlfriend is ugly. Oh, one more thing: my short friend is rich, but my tall friend is poor. % % " D ' (1 + 2 % % " % % % . Vocabulary & Idioms % 1. short adj. My parents are short, but I am tall. ( ( ) Bob is writing a short letter to his grandmother. ( 6 C ) 2. other adj. the other…. the the other [ ….

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