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Harrell makes use of a number of waves of the nationwide early life Survey to degree no matter if Agnew s normal pressure concept (GST) may well clarify the connection among adolescent victimization and delinquency. She examines the consequences of victimization on types of delinquency throughout racial and gender teams. the most premise of the GST, that elevated pressure in anyone may end up in elevated antisocial habit, is supported the following. Adolescent victimization, as a resource of pressure, raises antisocial habit. besides the fact that, the impression of adolescent victimization delinquency did range throughout racial and gender teams.

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Of those that did include moderating and mediating variables, most found that these variables did have effects on the victimization/drug use relationship. For example, Dembo et al. Review of Research on Victimization and Delinquency 31 (1989) found that physical and sexual victimization had an indirect effect on illicit drug use through self-derogation. Also, Kilpatrick et al. (2000) found that familial drug problems mediated this relationship as well. And finally, as with most of the literature examining the consequences of victimization, this literature primarily relies on retrospective and cross-sectional data as well (Harrison et al.

Not surprisingly, in research claiming to look at the effect of adolescent victimization a few studies may look at victimization in youth whose ages may overlap with those who have operationalized these years as occurring in childhood. For example, Fagan (2003), Menard (2002), Mouzakitis (1981), and Shaffer and Rubach (2002) considered individuals aged 11 and 12 years old to be adolescents, while others defined adolescence as starting later (Agnew 1985; Agnew 1989; Agnew and White 1992; Bach and Anderson 1980; Brezina 1998; Cleary 2000; Fagan et al.

Furthermore, Paperny and Deisher (1983) did not go into detail about why the literature on adolescent victimization and violent offending is lacking. A few years later, Fagan and his colleagues (1987) conducted a study of inner-city youths to determine the relationship between victimization and delinquency. They found that while victimization appeared to be a significant factor in relation to the severity of general delinquency, victimization did not seem to explain much variation in violent offending.

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