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By Alan Dean Foster

He used to be only a freckle-faced, redheaded child with eco-friendly eyes and a unusually campelling stare while Mather Mastiff first observed him an the auctioneer's block. 100 credit and he used to be hers.For years the outdated lady was once his in simple terms kinfolk. She enjoyed him, fed him, taught him every little thing she knew -- even enable him retain the lethal flying snake he referred to as Pip.Then mom Mastiff mysteriously disappeared and Flinx took Pip to tail her kidnappers. around the forests and swamps of the winged international known as Moth, their purely guns have been Pip's venom . . . and Flinx's strange abilities.

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The feeling persisted into wakefulness. Not a dream, then, which had been his first thought. The back of his head hurt with the strength of it, but though the actual pain was beginning to fade, the emotion was still as strong as it had been in sleep. He did not wake Mother Mastiff as he inspected the rest of the kitchen area, the bathroom, and the single narrow closet. Quietly, he opened the front door and slipped out into the stall. The shutters were locked tight, keeping out weather and intruders alike.

Then there had been those whose minds and bodies had been horribly distorted and twisted by the original surgical manipulations, for which they each shared the blame. Unfortunate failures such as those had been made public by the government and had raised such an emotional outcry among the scientifically unsophisticated public that the government had been able to legalize its witch hunt against the Society. qxd 7/19/04 14:15 Page 36 36 ALAN DEAN FOSTER Most of the subject children had been recovered by the government, raised in special homes, and restored to normality.

He shook an angry finger at Flinx, who did not flinch or break his cold, green stare. ” the bald man demanded. “No,” Flinx admitted, “I didn’t. But you took them. You know you did. ” “Charming, the experiences one has on the slumworlds,” the man said sarcastically. “Really, though, this exercise has ceased to be entertaining. I must go. My tour allots me only two days in this wonderful city, and I wouldn’t want to waste any more time observing quaint local customs. Out of the kindness of my nature, I will not call upon the gendarmes to arrest you all.

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