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Video provider=STRING Determines which method is used to load video. This is a part of the ongoing work to port Aegisub to POSIX systems (such as Linux and BSD) - wxWidgets already work, but Avisynth does not, which means that video and audio does not work either. At the moment, the only valid option is Avisynth, since the alternatives are disabled in the current release versions. In the future you might be able to set this to ffmpeg and expect video to work on both POSIX and Windows, but for now, changing this option will do nothing.

You can use the Left Arrow key to go back one frame and make sure that you HAVE picked the first frame. Once you're in the right frame, hit Ctrl+3. This will set start of selected lines so they begin at the video frame. Hint: Whenever you are using an AVI video with keyframe information, you can use shift+left/right to jump to keyframes, which are usually placed at scene transitions. When you are viewing a keyframe, the editbox with the current time and frame number will turn green. At this point, you may or may not see the subs on video (depending on where is the end time set to).

All rights reserved. Typesetting 53 The most common method is to have two styles for the subtitles. One is the standard style and the other is the alternative style, the later is used when two characters talk at the same time. Sometimes a typesetter uses more than two styles (often called "multicolor subtitles"). In most cases, different colors are used for the more important characters, but there are other criteria on how to style it. This screenshot represents the use of two styles, and because there are two lines at once (a collision) both styles are used at the same time.

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