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By Michael D. Connors, Wendy A. Hall

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To date the Air Force is still covering up what really happened. Since 1947 they have released four different versions of the incident, the first stating that a "flying disc" had in fact crash landed. " Mogul balloons were part of an extremely secret project designed to scan for shockwaves in the upper atmosphere, indicating possible Soviet nuclear testing. The only problem with this scenario is that although two Mogul balloons definitely did go down near Roswell, the records of the Air Materiel Command show that these incidents occurred only on June 7th and July 5th.

In the middle of the disk I could make out a bulge, as if a plate had been welded on the disk, and there were two narrow strips of metal running almost parallel to each other above and below the midsection.

Mac) Brazel, had reported the incident to the sheriff's office by the 5th, stating that he found a wide area of aircraft-like debris on the morning of the 3rd following a severe storm the night before. ) Today there are many sensational stories circulating about the Roswell Incident. Most are to the effect that the propulsion unit of one or two flying saucers (perhaps after a collision) exploded and showered-down the debris found by Brazel. The main body of at least one disc is said to have then crashed, complete with four occupants, 75 miles northwest of Roswell.

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