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Abductees have also seen hybrid fetuses in incubator-like containers filled with fluid in alien laboratories. 47 Missing Memories After the aliens are finished with them, most abductees are returned to the spot where their encounter began. A few, however, say that the aliens have mistakenly returned them to an unfamiliar spot. In either case the experience is said to have ended abruptly, and afterward most abductees cannot remember anything about what happened. Some believe this is because the aliens blocked the person’s memory.

When memories are retrieved, however, they are usually strikingly similar to abduction stories told by people who remember their experience immediately after the alien encounter. These stories follow a 43 common sequence of events, typically including an alien medical examination. In addition, they share many details regarding what the aliens— usually Greys—and their ships look like. Being Taken The abduction story usually begins with the person encountering the alien while alone. In those few cases where the abductee is in a group, he or she reports that the aliens chose to abduct only one or two people from the group, leaving the rest behind in some kind of trance that ends when the abductees return.

An hour later they all heard noises outside. According to what the witnesses said later, 2 of the men grabbed guns, went out on the porch to check on the noises, and discovered a humanoid several feet away. ) An Alien Attack? About 4 feet (122cm) tall, the humanoid was dressed in what appeared to be metallic clothing and had green skin, a big head, pointed ears, and clawed hands. Some of the witnesses later said its clothing glowed; others said its eyes glowed. In either case when the creature rushed toward the two men they started shooting at it.

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