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The monument constructed for L’Enfant’s burial site is made of white marble (now very rough due to weather erosion). The top of the monument features an engraving of L’Enfant’s design ficulties and the project was never completed. Later, though poor and dependent on others, L’Enfant refused to sue Morris for money due him, as the two men had become fast friends. S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, but he declined the position. He said that he did not think he would be a good teacher, he preferred to work actively rather than teach, and he had some problems with the English language.

The people of Poland mourned Kosciuszko as a national hero. He had directed in his will that his lands in Ohio be sold and the profits used to free American slaves. The money also went to found the Colored School at Newark, New Jersey, one of the first schools for black students established in the United States. ” The French Duke de la Rochefoucauld-Liancourt (pronounced ROWSH-foo-ko LEEen-cor) wrote about the Polish hero in his personal diary: “There is no heart friendlier to liberty, or an admirer of virtue and talent, in whom the name of Kosciuszko does not excite sentiments of interest and respect....

He then served under George Washington, who promoted him in 1783 to Major of Engineers in the Continental army. L’Enfant designed his first building while he was still in the Continental army. It was done at the request of the French foreign minister to America, a man named La Luzerne. He wanted to arrange a grand banquet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in honor of the 1781 birth of the first son of King Louis XVI of France (see entry), Louis-Joseph, who was himself in line to become king. La Luzerne had L’Enfant design and supervise the building of a magnificent hall in which to hold the banquet.

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