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Including Le Labrador, 1858 (Quebec: Imp. A. Cote, 1877) 1858 [LOWELL] = Robert Traill Spence Lowell, 1816-1891, The New Priest in Conception Bay, 2 vols. , 1860) [1860] 1862 GOSSE - Philip Henry Gosse, The Romance of Natural History [First Series], 4th ed (London: J. P. O. , 1861; Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1969) 1861 NOBLE = Louis L. Noble, 1813-1882, After Icebergs with a Painter: a Summer Voyage to Labrador and around Newfoundland (New York: D. , Family Recollections of Lieut. General Elias Walker Durnford, 1774-1850 (Montreal: Printed by J.

M. D. Cartwright (ed), The Life and Correspondence of Major [John] Cartwright, [1740-1824], 2 vols. (London: Colburn, 1826) 1768 DRAGE = Theodorus S. Drage, C1712-1774, The Great Probability of a North West Passage (London: Printed for T. C. Harvey (Toronto: Macmillan Co. , An Account of the Work of God, in xliii Newfoundland (London: Printed by W. D. De Cassini, 1748-1845, Voyage to Newfoundland and Sallee, in Chappe d'Auteroche, Voyage to California (London: E. and C. Dilly, 1778) 1779 N Amer Pilot = North American Pilot for Newfoundland (London: R.

SALT WATER). Homographs of the same part of speech are arranged, in sometimes arbitrary order, with identifying 30 Daniel Jones, An Outline of English Phonetics, 8th ed (Cambridge: W. Heffer & Sons, 1956), 36. Figure 4 numerical superscripts: cat1 through cat7 is an extreme example. The treatment of Main Words in this Dictionary is divided structurally into four parts: the word and accompanying technical information, presented in highly compressed form; the definitions, glosses or synonyms of the term in numbered sections arranged usually in historical order, but if early evidence is not available, then a logical order may occasionally be followed; the phrases, collocations, compounds and combinations related to the main word, also arranged in numbered sections and explained; and, in most cases, for all the definitions illustrative examples of the use of the term from printed material, speech or other identified sources.

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