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By Geoffrey N. Leech

Книга рассчитана на все группы пользователей, так как описывает базовые принципы английской грамматики. В книге в простой форме описываются все базовые правила языка, кроме того для всех грамматическим терминов даны пояснения и описания так, что даже новичку будет несложно разобраться в правилах языка. Дополнительным плюсом является использование общераспространенных тем, которые обычно не встречаются в других книгах: как извиниться или поблагодарить в той или иной ситуации, какие существуют нюансы.

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Ethnographers, as a matter of course in carrying out fieldwork, engage others and seek out their cooperation and coilaboration in learning about a cuiture. However, the term coilaborarive ethnography means something more than this usual and customary arrangement. It refers to doing ethnography that deliberately and expiicitly emphasizes coilaboration in every aspect of the ethnographic undertaking including conceptualizing the project, conducting fieidwork, and writing up the ethnography. " Criticai social science, feminist, and postmodern approaches to anthropoiogy inquiry ali influence this way of thinking of ethnographic work.

Handbook of Action Research. London: Sage, 2001. Reason, P. Human Inquiry in Action. London: Sage, 1998. COVERING-LAW MODEL OF EXPLANATION The most influential, although not universally accepted, view of what constitutes the logic of expianation in the social sciences or as adequate social scientfic explanation is the covering-law model. This model explains an event/action by subsuming (covering) it under one or more general causal laws. , lawlike) explanation is possible. This takes the foliowing form: L1 , L2, L3 , ..

The Aims of Interpretation. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1976. Hirsch, E. D. Validity in Interpretation. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1973. y categorized. As segments are compared, new analytic categories as well as new relationships between categories may be discovered. It is through this method that categories and their properties are identified and integrated and the emerging grounded theory is delimited. so Abduction, Coding, Grounded Theory Methodology. KEY REFERENCES CONSERVATIVE HERMENEUTICS Also called validation or objectivisi hermeneutics, this theory of interpretation defines hermeneutics as a metkxl for the validation of the meaning embedded in a text.

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