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By William Irvine, Sir Julian Huxley

Nice minds -- round whom the highbrow holocaust of the 19th century revolved -- are on the middle of this fantastic examine, a portrait in filled with the boys and the period which gave delivery to the speculation of evolution. the 2 minds are Charles Darwin and Thomas Huxley, and this booklet is a skillful blend of background and biography.

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In spite of black prospects, his spirits rose. He difficulty an impulse to howl and crow in class. A month later they were honeymooning at Tenby in Wales. Mrs. Huxley was still so weak that her husband had to carry her to and from the beach. When she became ill, he waited on her with professional efficiency. "Un vrai mart"* pronounced the French maid admiringly. CojQgratulations flowed in upon Huxley from the scientific world. "I hope your marriage will not make you idle," wrote Charles Darwin, a new friend.

The two rapidly became intimate. In one sense, it was a friendship between a plenum and a vacuum. Spencer thought busily to keep his head full of speculation. Huxley thought just as busily to keep his head antiseptically free from speculation. Huxley was full of facts. Spencer was full of ideas that craved facts. In a discussion of tragedy Spencer's name was mentioned. " exclaimed Huxley, In ". . moved to St. '* 12 John's Wood to be near Huxley* continued to intercede with eminent Spencer's idea of a tragedy is up to an apparently acquiescent prime Navy remained inflexible in ambiguity.

His one extravagance was a hot temper; his one indulgence, a tendency to reprehend the same fault irx his new friend. Tyndall was of atmosphere all compact, having devoted much o his studying it scientifically and to describing it poetically. He was Huxley rarefied and intensified, Huxley without the solidity and the mass. He was at once more fanciful and more logical, more impulsive and more restrained. He had all of an Irishman's generosity with all of an Irishman's jealous insistence on his rights.

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