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In lots of methods, Arbatel is exclusive between texts on magic. in contrast to nearly all of writings, it truly is transparent, concise, and skillfully written. the sensible directions are undemanding and trouble-free. whilst it first seemed in 1575, it attracted the eye of individuals with a shockingly large diversity of agendas, together with the various best minds of the time. usually quoted and reprinted, either praised and condemned, its influence on western esoteric philosophy has been known as "overwhelming." Arbatel's magic is stuffed with ask yourself and unfastened from the sinister components frequently linked to texts at the topic. however it is set greater than magic; jam-packed with gnomic knowledge, it urges us to assist our buddies, be confident and thankful, and use time properly. chiefly, it teaches us to concentrate, trying to find the wondrous and astounding. in truth, to the writer this almost defines the magus. incorporated are illustrations, bibliography, index, and unique Latin textual content.

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His character is this: Eius Spiritus accedunt ad legiones centum millia, dat Spiri­ tus familiares facillime. Docet omnes artes: & quem suo cha­ ractere dignatur, facit posse in momento argentum viuum conuertere in lapidem Philosophorum. His spirits constitute one hundred thousand legions. He gives familiar spirits very readily. He teaches all arts, and dig­ nifies the one who has his character. He makes one able to instantly turn mercury into the philosopher's stone. 37 ARBATEL PHVL hoc gaudet CHARACTERE, Concerning Magic PHUL has chosen this character: c Omnia metalla in argentum commutat dicto & facto: Guber­ nat lunaria: sanat Hydropem: dat aq ueos spiritus, & qui inseruiunt homini corporali & visibili forma: facit 300 annos vlUere.

Therefore everyone should unite their goals with the Word of God, and use that as a Lydian stone (or gold standard) to decide between good and evil. And they should decide what to avoid, and what to aspired to. Whatever you decide or determine, energetically follow WITHOUT PRO­ CRASTINATING, in order to reach the determined goal. 80 Dan. 9:23: "As soon as you began ro pray, an answer was given. " 81 Matt. 7:6. ARBATEL Concerning Magic xxx. Aphorism 30. QVl diuitias, splendorem huius vine, Magistratus, han ores, dignitates, Tyrannides appetunt (idque Magice) 51 ANNI­ TANTVR sedulo, assequentur eos.

See Sudhoff, Bib/iographia Parace/sica, p. 48 1 . So H. B: quaenis. 30 JI ARBATEL Concemillg Magic 3 4 5 6 7 CHARACTER EIVS HIS CHARACTER: Habet sub se 49 Reges, 42 Principes, 35 Satrapas, 2 8 Duces, 2 1 Ministros eoram se stantes, 1 4 Familiares, 7 Nun­ cios: Imperat Legionibus 36000, Legio est numerus 490. BETHOR, Qua: loui adscribuntur, gubernat: vocatus cito aduenit. Quem suo charactere dignatur, ad maximas dignitates euehit, obiicit thesauros Aereos conciliat Spiritus, qui vera dant responsa.

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