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Study extra in regards to the global via maps, evidence, and data with Atlas A-Z. Now in its 5th version, this international consultant is up-to-date with new maps, evidence, and stats to meet the trivialities buff, complement the scoop watcher, and maintain glossy households well-informed — all in a convenient, compact structure with the cheap expense. Our depended on researchers prepare an atlas that's reliable and whole, ideal for beginner geographers, scholars, and a person attracted to studying extra approximately maps and the area round us.

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A 54 Tropic of Cancer E G Y P T E The eye of an ostrich is bigger than it’s brain. They are the largest bird on Earth. 5 m) tall, weigh up to 300 lbs (135 kg), and run at around 30 mph (48 km/h). A Ennedi a Y 53 D CENTRAL AFRICAN Goré Sarh Bongor Laï Cha N’DJAMÉNA Moundou Guider Ngaoundéré NIGERIA Kousséri Maroua Tib I C H A D a L C Bol Lake Chad Ati The vast sand flats surrounding Lake Chad were once covered by water. Changing climatic patterns caused the lake to shrink and desert now covers much of its previous area.

4 million te cubic metres) of L. 2 metre) wide Flagstaff path around the Earth at the Equator. 2 lbs (1 kg) of plutonium-239. and o lf Go 135 Carlsbad Gr Meteor Crater was formed when a meteor about 150 ft (46 m) across struck the desert at about 40,000 mph (64,372 km/h) creating a bowl-shaped depression 4,150 ft (1,265 m) wide and 570 ft (174 m) deep. 4 os Albuquerque do lora 27 Co 2 nde COLORADO G 1 B Gra A C n or if al 5 0 km M E X ia PACIFIC OCEAN 200 0 miles 200 A 32 B C D I 29 NORTH AMERICA E F G H 25 K A N S A S Ponca City Enid Tulsa OKLAHOMA Can Borger adian Amarillo OKLAHOMA CITY Pampa Norman Red Clovis Riv A R K A N S A S30 Lawton Paris Wichita Falls Denton Arlington Dallas Fort Worth Abilene B Hobbs Sweetwater Big Spring r az Jacksonville os Colorado T E X A S Bryan L.

8 gms). 0 earthquake struck Haiti, causing widespread destruction and the death of around 150,000 people. 5 0 km 35 A B 200 0 miles 200 C COLOMBIA D 37 NORTH AMERICA E F G H 48 A T L A N T I C 1 nc er Tr op ic of Ca O C E A N Milwaukee Deep, which lies 84 miles (135 km) off the north coast of Puerto Rico, is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean. It is 28,231 ft (8605 m), or just over 5 miles (8 km), below sea level. Turks & Caicos Islands (UK overseas territory) 48 2 Monte Cristi L e e British Virgin w a r d Islands (UK overseas I s Anguilla territory) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC l (UK overseas territory) a Road The Valley San Juan Town ANTIGUA Charlotte La Romana Barbuda SANTO & BARBUDA Amalie DOMINGO Puerto Rico Antigua BASSETERRE (US commonwealth ST JOHN'S ST KITTS & NEVIS territory) Montserrat Brades Guadeloupe (UK overseas territory) (French overseas Basse-Terre department) The deadliest volcanic eruption DOMINICA ROSEAU of the 20th century took place on Martinique May 8, 1902, when Mount Pelee Fort-de-France (French overseas erupted on Martinique, killing department) ST LUCIA 30,000 people, around 15% CASTRIES of the island’s population.

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