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Oxides of nitrogen Atmospheric Pollution 3. 1. Introduction There is an important difference between the behaviour of fuel nitrogen in combustion and that of sulphur. When a fuel is burnt, its sulphur is converted quantitatively to sulphur dioxide. Its nitrogen by contrast is converted to elemental nitrogen N2 in what, again, is likely to be approaching a quantitative yield. The small proportion that does not become elemental nitrogen becomes nitric oxide NO which is readily oxidised in the atmosphere of nitrogen dioxide NO2.

7. 1 Introductory comments Factors in the formation of ozone are NOx and VOC. The former has a chapter of its own in this volume and the latter is covered in the first part of this chapter. A discussion of ozone itself therefore logically follows. 3 gives measured amounts of ozone at various places. Again, values should be taken as being representative. 3 Levels of ozone. m. Reference California, averaged over several counties and cities. 07 [4] Shanghai, China. 1 [8] Delhi, India. Rural England, averaged over several sites.

5 u 107 mole. The heat of combustion of CO is approximately 280 kJ mol-1, hence heat which this amount of CO can release on burning | 1 u 107 MJ of heat 4. Calculation of the amount of the diesel saved and its financial value. 5 million. Turning a challenge into a learning curve. Just another day at the office for a high performer. Please click the advert Accenture Boot Camp – your toughest test yet Choose Accenture for a career where the variety of opportunities and challenges allows you to make a difference every day.

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