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By V. K. Kharchenko

The idea of automorphisms and derivations of associative earrings is an immediate descendant of the advance of classical Galois conception and the speculation of invariants. This quantity provides a finished evaluate of the tools and result of that concept, which has been drastically enriched over the past two decades. the various fabric integrated seems to be for the 1st time. one of the difficulties mentioned during this e-book are the next: development of a Galois concept for high and semiprime earrings and its program to domain names and loose algebras; research of the issues of the algebraic dependence of automorphisms and derivations; stories of the fastened earrings for finite teams and earrings of constants for differential Lie algebras performing on the earrings; non-commutative invariants of linear teams; theorems of finite teams performing on modular lattices; activities of Hopf algebras. The monograph is intended for experts in algebra, however it can be worthwhile for a much wider diversity of mathematicians. The inclusions within the ebook of the most recent achievements at the structural concept of jewelry with generalized identities makes it fascinating analyzing for graduate scholars to boot.

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