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By William Hersey Davis

This scarce antiquarian publication is a facsimile reprint of the unique. because of its age, it might comprise imperfections similar to marks, notations, marginalia and fallacious pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally very important, we now have made it to be had as a part of our dedication for shielding, maintaining, and selling the world's literature in reasonable, top of the range, sleek variations which are real to the unique paintings.

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Tou,tou tau,thj tou,tou Abl. tou,tou tau,thj tou,ttu Loc. tou,tw| tau,th| tou,tw| Ins. tou,tw| tau,th| tou,tw| Dat. tou,tw| tau,th| tou,tw| Acc. tou/ton tau,thn tou/to Plural Masc. Fem. Neut. Nom. ou-toi au-tai tau/ta Gen. tou,twn tou,twn tou,twn Abl. tou,twn tou,twn tou,twn Loc. tou,toij tau,taij tou,toij Ins. tou,toij tau,taij tou,toij Dat. tou,toij tau,taij tou,toij Acc. tou,touj tau,taj tau,ta 154. Observe: 1. The rough breathing occurs in the nom. masc. , sing. and plural, but all other forms begin with t.

Auvto,n auvth,n auvto, Plural Nom. auvtoi, auvtai, auvta, Gen. auvtw/n auvtw/n auvtw/n Abl. auvtw/n auvtw/n auvtw/n Loc. auvtoi/j auvtai/j auvtoi/j Ins. auvtoi/j auvtai/j auvtoi/j Dat. auvtoi/j auvtai/j auvtoi/j Acc. auvtou,j auvta,j auvta, Observe that auvto,j is declined like avgaqo,j (115 ) except that auvto,j has no vocative and the neuter nom. and acc. sing. have no -n. 145. Meaning and uses of auvto,j. It is properly a demonstrative. 1. j o` a;nqrwpoj o` a;nqrwpoj auvto,j} = the man himself 2.

2. ou-to,j evstin o` bapti,zwn evn pneu,mati a`gi,w. 3. n avkou,ei h`mw/n. 4. j avga,ph evsti,n, kai. o` me,nwn evn th/| avga,ph evn twv| qewv| me,nei kai. j evn auvtwv| me,nei. 5. j nekrou,j. II. 1. He who receives us receives Him. 2. Let us believe on him who raises the dead. 3. This is he who takes away the sins of the world. 4. He who has grace remains in hope. 5. That day we shall see him who comes in the name of the Lord. Footnotes ia is the feminine suffix added to the stem. Apparently ti (i is a semivowel) became s, then n was dropped before s and o lengthened (compensatory) to ou.

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