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By Arthur Plotnik

A veritable "tko of terminology," Better Than Great is the basic advisor for describing the extreme -- the must-have reference for an individual wishing to upward push above drained superlatives.

Deft compliment encourages others to believe as we do, proportion our enthusiasms. It rewards deserving gadgets of admiration. It persuades humans to take definite activities. It sells things.

Sadly, during this "age of awesome," our phrases and words of acclaim are exhausted, all yet impotent. in spite of this, we discover ourselves defaulting to such routine offerings as "good," "great," and "terrific," or inventory synonyms that tumble out of a thesaurus -- "superb," "marvelous," "outstanding," and so forth. The piling on of intensifers comparable to "totally" basically makes issues worse, whereas damaging modifiers ("incredible," "unreal") render our universal parlance approximately tragic. till now.

Not to mince phrases, wunderkind of word-wonks Arthur Plotnik is proffering a well-knit wellspring of beneficial and wondrous phrases to rescue our worn-down utilization. Plotnik is either hella AND hecka as much as the duty of rescuing the English superlative, providing readers the chance never to be confused of compliment and acclamation!

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The devices we call upon are played out. Our superlatives—terms indicating high or utmost degree—have lost their power to alert or entice; to amuse, distinguish, or sell. Like most words that become the rage, they soon suffer from overuse and devaluation. Terms expected to describe miracles, epiphanies, and colossal wonderments are exhausted on assignments like these: Try our amazing onion rings. That my beer? Awesome. It’s a fantastic mattress. I had a fabulous sleep. At a loss for words with clout, we turn to negative modifiers—terms saying what something is not.

Don’t like concussively ? Then substitute berserkly or clamorously, or whatever best fits your context. To find fresh modifiers of degree or manner for almost any purpose, simply pick out strong terms listed under one of my headings and apply them as appropriate. For example, my breath-abating (under “Great”) can become your breath-abatingly suspenseful. My clangorously real can become your clangorously new, and so on. Although negative evaluation was outside my scope, it need not be outside yours in making use of this book.

Tweak any suggested term to your own style or purpose. Look up unfamiliar words before springing them on judgmental audiences. That’s it. Enjoy. But for word-adventurers who favor an overview to enrich a journey, or who like to know the rationale, options, possibilities, and limitations of a new language tool, I offer the following mini-manual. ARRANGEMENT AND FEATURES Categories of acclaim tend to be vague and overlapping. ” In organizing this book I might have started with several dozen such common terms and listed approximate synonyms under each.

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