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By William Gray

Learn the way you could deal constructively with the forces of darkness via a step by step strategy to convert detrimental energies into confident religious gentle. This e-book comprises an up-to-date, functional model of the medieval ritual of Abra-Melin.

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The belief that they could do this with impunity, since they saw no evident signs of retribution, convinced sincere Satanists that they were specially supported by friendly Fiends, and the supposition that their activities were seriously interfering with the workings of God's Will inflated their egos enormously. The thought that they could create Chaos amid the 38 / Between Good and Evil operations of Cosmos flattered their vanity to a colossal extent. All they had to do was embark on a program of disarrangement and destabilization of the natural order of thought and action.

Therefore any human sacrifice to Satan must be one resulting from pure murder and contrary to the victim's intentions. There were some other inversions to consider as well. If the Old Gods required a young male as the customary sacrifice, then for Satanic acceptance a nubile female was the obvious offering. If pregnant, so much the better, since the life within a life would be included, which increased the value of the offering by that degree. Hence, the celebrant or his deputy would first impregnate the chosen female, or all males present would do so in order to ensure her fecundity as much as possible.

Very few humans are preponderantly Good or Evil by pure intention only, but reach their current condition through whatever they have been thinking and doing as their normal modus vivendi, plus their inherited genetic impulses. This does not mean they cannot be influenced or persuaded to alter themselves by cleverly applied pressures brought to bear for specific reasons. Nor does that mean anyone is automatically inclined to Good if they claim to be religious, and ostensibly and vocally proclaim their version of God from many odd angles.

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