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By Chris Sidwells

From mountain motorcycles and street racers to hybrids, the Bicycle fix Manual is helping riders retain their motorcycles in top . excellent for newcomers and committed cyclists alike, this up to date consultant to bicycle fix comprises the most recent technological advances in biking, troubleshooting charts, tricks and suggestions for diagnosing and challenge, and servicing schedules.

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104–5). 5 Split tire Worn tread Check each tire for splits or cuts in the tread or side walls. A large split means that the internal fabric of the tire is damaged, so the tire is likely to blow out. Smaller splits and cuts will let sharp objects penetrate the tire, causing at least a puncture and possibly a rapid blowout. 104–5). 5 Look closely at the tread of both tires for signs of wear. If the tread is worn, the tire has lost structural strength and can break down and distort or bulge. The result can be a blowout during the course of a single ride.

Lubrication reduces the effects of friction between the inner cable and the cable housing, and helps to keep out water and grit. If the gears become difficult to shift to a different chainring or cog, the cable is probably dry and needs lubrication. These steps show how to fit a new gear cable to a SRAM shifter. Fitting cables to gear shifters made by other manufacturers, such as Shimano and Campagnolo, will be slightly different, but the order of each task in the overall sequence is generally the same.

Replace the lockring, pushing it onto the Toolbox satellite so that its yellow dot lines up with the yellow dot on the satellite. ț Wrenches to fit wheel axle nuts • Turn the lockring so that the dots are separated. The satellite is now locked in place. Hub gear II Lift the satellite from the hub body, noting the relative positions of the two yellow triangles that are marked on it. 2 • Note the position of two more yellow triangles on the bare axle that is left inside the wheel. • Flush out the freed gear satellite with degreaser.

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