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By Syed H. Imam, Richard V. Greene, Baqar R. Zaidi

This publication examines biotechnological, chemical, and engineering facets of biopolymers and their blends. It makes a speciality of processing and characterization, biopolymer synthesis and degradation, and new purposes. bankruptcy themes contain biodegradable plastics, environmental cleanup, nanocomposite matrices, salient enzymology, ideas for tracking bioplastics in dwelling cells, and biopolymers for meals packaging. fabrics mentioned comprise starch and cellulosics (including xylans), chitin, proteins, long-chain fatty acids, mesquite gums, and lignin.

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Hashimoto, T. Acta Polymer. in press. 22. 0 wt% DOP solution of the same sample, we stated that there is no anomaly in η even in Regime IV (though there is anomaly in ψ ), because the first overshoot of shear stress decays to the level expected from the γ-dependence of η in the lower γ regime, if the solution is kept under shear. However we recently found that this solution exhibits at least two overshoots on its approach toward steady state, if the solution is kept under shear even longer and that the steady values are larger than those reported previously.

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0 wt% solution, as a function of shear rate γ in steady state shear flow, γ and γ are the critical shear rates for the onset of the shear-enhanced concentration fluctuations, and of the anomalies in the rheological and scattering behaviors, respectively c α Figure 3. Steady state scattering patterns at various shear rates for the solution shown in Figure 2. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1995. 39 40 FLOW-INDUCED STRUCTURE IN POLYMERS Figure 4 represents contour plots of the scattered intensity distributions at various γ, measured by the CCD camera system previously reported (21).

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