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He had dreamed of the bird frequently over the last weeks, seeing it within his mind without understanding why. He knew why he had dreamt of Qynh, though. All too well did he realize his mind's intention with such a cruel illusion. His deeds in life had marked him a hero but the weakness of his heart had marked him as anything but. He yearned for a woman he could never have; he dreamed of her with emotions that left him trembling with both desire and shame. He had left Tiralainn with the hope that he might free himself of her, but now, with Aedhir's offer still fresh in his mind I know you have your duties and all, and you have been already gone from them awhile ...

Lest my mother finds out. " "My parents think I am in bloody Paldorahn for the interim,” Odhran said. “What are they to think when the university writes them, asking where I am once the spring term is underway? They are going to kill me, I just know it. My mother is going to collapse upon the floor to learn I am missing. And my father ... " "No, he will not,” Aelwen told him as he hung his head, miserable. She pressed her hands against the apex of his shoulders and began to knead. “Your neck is so broad, you would snap the line ...

There was no such thing as a quiet moment with so many engaged in so many activities and conversations, but Rhyden did not attract attention to himself from the sailors on deck, or high aloft tending to the rigging as he crossed the spar deck. He stood poised at the port-side railing for a long moment, cradling the metal box in his hands. He listened to the music of the ship, her wooden hull creaking and groaning in gentle, soothing fashion beneath him, her furled sails creaking in their lines, the topsails and mains fluttering softly in the breeze.

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