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An external address register is required to demultiplex the address information, which is shared on the same 76 bit bus with ordinary data transfers. 47 :ES RANEW PRICE! Want Details?

LSB 8 BIT PARALLEL INPUT +5 ICla 26 34 27 35 2B 36 29 30 Tops on the convenience list is a digital tape counter. Next to destroying a valuable recordi ng, nothing is more frustrating than not being ab le to find a desired program on a cassette with several programs. The tape counter solves this probl em. Merel y reset the counter with the cassette fully rewound and write the cou nter reading of the start of each program on the cassette label. Some of the newer cassette recorde rs also have cue and review capability.

Figure 2 shows the word and timing formats for the BIT BOFFER system. A typical system might use ASCII characters se nt in the Universa l Asynchronous Data format that consists of a start bit, the ASCII code starting with the least significant bit, a parity bit, an d two stop bits. The width of eac h bit is set by the data rate. If we're working with 8 bit bin ary data instead of ASCII characters, we send a start bit, eight bits of data beginning with the least significant bit, an optional parity bit, and then two sto p bits.

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