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Nearly 5,000 phrases are outlined, in particular as they relate to Canadian monetary associations, nationwide and provincial rules, and Canadian tax legislation. This up to date variation covers shares, bonds, mutual cash, e-commerce, and masses extra.

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Also, a heavy volume of trading on the exchange as a whole. Institutional money managers prefer such a market because their trades of large blocks of stock tend to have less impact on the movement of prices when trading is generally active. Page 8 ACTUALS any physical commodity, such as gold, soybeans, or pork bellies. Trading in actuals ultimately results in delivery of the commodity to the buyer when the contract expires. This contrasts with trading in commodities of, for example, index options, where the contract is settled in cash, and no physical commodity is delivered upon expiration.

AGGREGATE SUPPLY in MACROECONOMICS, the total amount of goods and services supplied to the market at alternative price levels in a given period of time; also called total output. The central concept in SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS, it corresponds with aggregate demand, Page 13 defined as the total amount of goods and services demanded in the economy at alternative income levels in a given period, including both consumer and producers' goods; aggregate demand is also called total spending. The aggregate supply curve describes the relationship between price levels and the quantity of output that firms are willing to provide.

Investment banking: financial and contractual relationship between parties to an underwriting syndicate, or the status of securities owned and sold. Securities: relationship between a broker-dealer firm and its client wherein the firm, through its registered representatives, acts as agent in buying and selling securities and sees to related administrative matters. See also ACCOUNT STATEMENT. ACCOUNT ANALYSIS informational report provided by a bank to its corporate customers with data detailing account service activity.

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