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This does not mean that we need to search elsewhere for another key category, nor should we abandon the idea of capitalist relations of production as the unifying principle of the social formation . But it does mean that we need to reinterpret the economic role of the State in terms other than the need to meet the contradictory requirements of capitalists and workers . By seeing the State as constitutive of the WLR we avoid having to see any correspondence between the needs of capitalists and workers, a view which can be justified only by economic reductionism .

Having separated the realm of politics from that of commodity production, the political is brought back as part of a solution to problems that arise in the sphere of production . Whether it is a question of managing labour power as a particular commodity or of forcing the `bearers' of labour power to engage in wage labour, or simply counteracting the effects of the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, we are always brought back to the same functionalist paradigm in which the State is defined in relation to the accumulation process and its requirements .

In their study of regional policy O'Dowd et al argue there is little evidence to support the claim that the multi-nationals operate in a progressive manner, rather they found that `Just as Courtaulds do little to undermine apartheid in South Africa ( . . ), so also they do little to reduce sectarianism in Dungannon' . Indeed the `modernising forces' associated with the entry of monopoly capital into Ireland `far from undermining sectarian division . . 63) .

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