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By Julia Herschensohn

Adopting the theoretical framework of the minimalist application, this research of syntactic barriers on supplement configuration investigates the hyperlink among thematic exterior arguments and case. utilizing facts from pronominal, mental experiencer, and inalienable buildings, it argues that either accusative and dative are structural situations in French and that this duality is mirrored in a parallel restrict on argument projection. Larson’s unmarried supplement speculation, which permits a greatest of 2 inner arguments, offers the theoretical justification for this idea. The checking out flooring for the binary speculation is a bunch of nonthematic topic structures related to undative in addition to unaccusative verbs, linking, in keeping with Burzio’s generalization, case suspension and shortage of an inner argument. The research of those structures and people related to partitive case offers not just a theoretically major contribution to our realizing of grammar, but in addition a encouraged cause of a couple of empirical difficulties in French.

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G. 3 Domain, chain and binding The notion of domain is crucial in the minimalist program to determine Case checking, licit chain formation and binding. A configuration such as (12) serves as a model for definitions of domain. (12) 17 Marantz (1995:Section 4) gives a very readable discussion of word order, pointing out how the requirement of strong nominative is a way of implementing the Extended Projection Principle requiring an explicit subject. Sportiche (1992) discusses French clitic placement and related issues in a very compatible framework.

Paul considers some of them intelligent". 18 Lasnik notes a similar phenomenon in Turkish pointed out by Enç (1991): "Specific objects are accusative, whereas nonspecifics have no overt Case marker" (Lasnik 1992:398). The feature [definite] is the crucial distinction between accusative and partitive in French, as the object clitic diagnostic shows. See Kayne (1975:110) for a discussion of this distinction and Longobardi (1994) for a discussion of reference. 38 BINARY COMPLEMENT STRUCTURE b Il y a la plus merveilleuse table chez l'antiquaire.

This hypothesis proposes that internal argument structure and Case assignment in French are binary in nature, a limitation responsible for determining the syntax of typical transitive verbs as well as a number of constructions involving nonthematic subjects. The study thus aims to confirm the importance of syntactic considerations as well as thematic relationships in determining argument projection. The chapter has also outlined the major presuppositions of the principles and parameters model and relevant innovations brought by the minimalist program.

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