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By David Wray

This literary examine of the first-century BCE Roman poet, Catullus makes use of units of comparative versions to supply a brand new realizing of his poems. the 1st involves cultural anthropological money owed of male social interplay within the premodern Mediterranean, and the second one, the postmodern poetics of such twentieth-century poets as Louis Zukofsky, that are characterised by means of simultaneous juxtaposition, a "collage" aesthetic, and self-allusive play. The e-book should be of curiosity to scholars of comparative literature and gender reviews in addition to to classicists.

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It is often very difficult to see what he means all the more difficult because he so frequently means very little. It is true that he occasionally brings forth a striking epigram all the Latin poets could do that, but these are by no means always as new as some of their admirers seem to think. A tenacious memory has given him plenty of material to steal from his predecessors. If imitation is the sincerest flattery, never not even by Silius Italicus ^were previous writers honoured with a more thorough-going adulation.

Xli INTRODUCTION Sidonius was in an embarrassing position. The three accusers sent from Gaul were old friends of his, but he had also been on friendly terms with Arvandus. Along with some others he did all that was possible to help the prisoner by advising him to make no admissions and to be wary of any traps that might be Their advice was received with scorn set for him. by Arvandus, whose arrogance and self-confidence almost passed belief. Sidonius left Rome before the Arvandus was condemned on a trial came on.

3 EpisL V. 16. 4. * EpisL VII. 12. 4. ^ Reden : u. Avfsdtze, pp. ; INTRODUCTION dency of his education had been to turn his gaze backward. The literature and the history of bygone days were his inspiration, and he could not imagine any culture worth having which was not drawn from Deep down in his heart was that all-sufficient source. the vision of the Empire, a spiritual as well as a material force, appointed from of old to guard all In that last struggle of the that was most precious. Arvernians the heroic bishop was fighting for this idealised Rome, majestic even in her day of humiliaAmid all the despair of those times there had tion.

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