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By Anne P. Chapin

This tribute to Professor Immerwahr includes a brief biography, her complete bibliography, and twenty articles written by means of students who hence rejoice her contributions to the sphere of Bronze Age portray and paintings background, in addition to her encouragement and beneficiant help, through the years, of not just her scholars yet these of others. 13 Bronze Age students current papers that handle elements of social, political, non secular, and formality value in wall work, in addition to issues of chronology, neighborhood alternate and interplay, and Cretan structure. Seven students of the Archaic, Classical and Roman sessions discover matters in sculpture, structure, pottery, and dedications.

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Limestone,which is found in the north,was used for pharaonic buildingsthroughoutthe Old Kingdom and was eventuallysupplanted in the New Kingdomby sandstone, which was found in the south. Both of these stones arefairlysoft compared to graniteand quartzite,which were much more sparinglyused and had to be worked mainlywith even harder stone tools. 4. In Egyptian quarries,inscriptions can include a date with the pharaoh's name and the names of the overseers. In the late period,notes usuallyin demotic were dedicatedby named foremen to the deity presidingover the gallery(Clarkeand Engelbach 1990, pp.

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