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This tip makes fire when you strike it against something. "Tlf^RT; R i l W d l i mermaid (wr^) mattress A make-believe sea fairy with the tail of a fish. *idH

This joins it to the electricity supply. ^T ^ "mf wrai ^ WT^l f ^ TJP ^ffl^S % 3 WTRt f . pole (tfcr) A long round stick. W ^ l WTT ^ f a f^T ^ ^T ^ t. y polecat A small animal like a weasel. poppy (Tfnft) police (TTri^TH) People who see that other people do not break the law. TT^ ^ r a w *K«*>Kl WIT. porcupine (MK^MI^H) porpoise (wra) polo ("cftoTt) A game played by people sitting on horses and hitting a ball with a stick. "tftoTt TOf ^TT T§teT, ^ft ^ "

TT ^UPHcH racket rabbit A radiator is made of metal. It usually has hot water inside. is keeps a room warm. ^ T t radishes (^fMirur) Small red vegetables which you eat raw in a salad. TJeft. A small animal with long ears. ) A small wild animal. A raccoon has a long bushy tail with black rings. cT«TT tfq^TC t ^ iTI % ^sF siR f f t f . race track S2 radiator Of^cN) A path where a race is run. raft (>nwe) rain (^t) Bits of wood fixed together to make a flat kind of boat. % ^sT igt TO. Drops of water which fall out of the clouds.

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