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But D ecius in one respect is anomalous, for he was a senator and a senior ex-consul when he seized the power. Better, the high equestrian officer Maximinus, in command of Danubian levies and proclaimed emperor by the army after the assassination of Severus Alexander. fiction. IJ There remains the testimony of Herodil an, which calls for a careful assessment. According to Herodian, Maximinus began as a shepherd, a village boy from the 'Thracians of the For the earliest military posu see B. Gerov, AA11tH1111g xv (1967), 85 ff.

15 To proceed therefore to Claudius and Aurelian. About the local origin of Claudius, the Historia Augusca (so it appears) found no information in its sources. Instead, it toys with fancies about either Dalmatia or Dardania (Claud. II, 9), and the matter is further complicated by intrusion of the fabricated ancestry of Constantine (13, 2, see below). As for Aurelian, the author of the Historia Augusta imports confusion through his predilection for variant versions, genuine or invented: that is, Sirmium, 'ut plures loquuntur', or 'Dacia Ripensis, ut nonnulli'.

9, 2. rs Anon. Val. 5, 13. Yet 'Nova Dacia' might connote Ripensis in the first instance rather than Mediterranea, as does 'Dacia Nova' in the passage of Lactantius cited in the previous footnote. 896 Dam1bian and Balkan Emperors [314 not able to supply either the name of his father or the region of his provenience. One must therefore tum to Julian, the grandson of Constantius. Julian twice refers to himself as a 'Thracian'. 19 That is in wilful deprecation, to sharpen the contrast with the frivolous and effeminate inhabitants of Antioch.

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