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Cisco can be a valuable resource for preparing the networking portion of technology plans, which are a prerequisite when applying for E-Rate discounts. 32 Corporate Headquarters Cisco Systems, Inc. l. com Tel: 33 1 6918 61 00 Fax: 33 1 6928 83 26 Americas Headquarters Cisco Systems, Inc. K. com Tel: 81 3 5219 6250 Fax: 81 3 5219 6001 Cisco Systems has more than 200 offices in the following countries. com. Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belgium • Brazil • Canada • Chile • China (PRC) • Colombia • Costa Rica • Czech Republic • Denmark England • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • India • Indonesia • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Korea • Luxembourg • Malaysia Mexico • The Netherlands • New Zealand • Norway • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Russia • Saudi Arabia • Scotland • Singapore South Africa • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan, ROC • Thailand • Turkey • United Arab Emirates • United States • Venezuela Copyright © 1998 Cisco Systems, Inc.

Document-formatting Client language used for preparing documents to be viewed A networked PC or terminal that shares “services” with other PCs. These services are stored on or administered by a server. Collision Domain In Ethernet, the result of two nodes transmitting simultaneously. The frames from each device impact and are damaged when they meet on the physical media. by a tool such as a World Wide Web browser. HTTP HyperText Transmission Protocol. Protocol that governs transmission of formatted documents over the Internet.

28 Glossary ATM Ethernet Asynchronous Transfer Mode. Under ATM, multiple A popular LAN technology that uses CSMA/CD (collision traffic types (such as voice, video, or data) are detection) to move packets between workstations conveyed in fixed-length cells (rather than the random- and runs over a variety of cable types at 10 Mbps. length “packets” moved by technologies such as Fast Ethernet Ethernet and FDDI). This feature enables very high Uses the same transmission method as 10-Mbps speeds, making ATM popular for demanding network Ethernet (collision detection) but operates at 100 Mbps— backbones.

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