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By Anthony DePalma

The realm exchange Center’s destruction unleashed one of many gravest environmental catastrophes in U.S. heritage. Now, former manhattan occasions flooring 0 reporter Anthony DePalma offers a whole accounting of the catastrophe that September 11. He separates myths from reality…reveals judgements that destroyed public trust…shares sufferers’ untold stories…and is helping us ascertain this by no means occurs back.

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After the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, New York City officials understood that the city had become a prime terror target and that there could be another attempt sometime in the future. To be better prepared for the next time, Mayor Giuliani wanted a new emergency command center built where he could manage a coordinated response. He wanted a big space where all his key people could work shoulder to shoulder as he deployed forces. And he wanted the new control room to be within walking distance of City Hall.

Certainty won’t come for decades, but if the dust—combined with the gases and smoke—truly was toxic, waiting that long could cost lives. If the threat that the dust could cause cancer and other fatal diseases could not be discounted outright, waiting could cause tremendous pain and endless anguish. Uncertainty and fear could make victims of those who escaped becoming victims on 9/11. Clearly, there wasn’t time to wait, especially not after so many men and women started complaining of respiratory problems they shouldn’t have had if the air had truly been safe to breathe.

29 With horror unfolding around him, Giuliani marched up Church Street, looking for a way to take control. Until he did, no one was in charge. ” The dust plume from the first collapse continued to roil the streets of Lower Manhattan, blanketing everything and everyone in its way. People who were caught in the cloud described it in various ways, but they all had in common the darkening of the sky until it became nearly impossible to see anything; a brutally strong wind that rushed out as the 110-story tower was flattened; the flurry of office papers rising and falling like flocks of gray pigeons; and the thick wave of choking material from the pulverized building that they waded through, breathed in, and swallowed as they tried to survive.

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