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By Kevin M. Pilgrim

This paintings is a research-level monograph whose target is to improve a basic blend, decomposition, and constitution concept for branched coverings of the two-sphere to itself, considered as the combinatorial and topological items which come up within the class of yes holomorphic dynamical structures at the Riemann sphere. it truly is meant for researchers attracted to the type of these complicated one-dimensional dynamical structures that are in a few unfastened feel tame. this system is prompted via the dictionary among the theories of iterated rational maps and Kleinian groups.

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One could also strengthen the requirement in (2) to holomorphic conjugacy, but otherwise keep the remaining requirements unmodified. g. Cui [CJS], Epstein-Keen-Tresser [EKT], and McMullen ([McM7], Appendix A). In general, then, when the postcritical set is infinite, there may be various choices of regularity on the maps h0 , h1 near the points of Y which one might wish to require. To keep our theory of general applicability we leave the details unspecified, referring to whatever restrictions are imposed in (1)-(4) above as tameness assumptions.

When combining, the new dynamical system is produced by C 0 modifications of the original maps away from the set Q, which contains all accumulation points of Y since Y = Q Z is closed and Z is finite. 5 (see §4) asserts roughly that the combinatorial class of the map resulting from a combination depends only on the classes of the input data (suitably defined). The proof of this theorem relies on two steps: gluing together maps yielding equivalences of input data, and C 0 modifications away from the sets Q and Q.

Cut the sphere apart along a set of annuli A0 in S 2 − Q whose core curves are the elements of Γ . For the moment, discard these annuli A0 . For each of the remaining pieces, cap the resulting holes by disks with preferred center points to obtain a collection S of spheres. Denote the collection of resulting center points of these disks by Z. Then Z is finite. The set Q yields a corresponding set in this union of spheres which we denote by Q. Set Y = Q Z. After a suitable extension, one finds that the original map F : (S 2 , Q) → (S 2 , Q) yields a map F S : (S, Y) → (S, Y) from a finite set of spheres to itself such that Y and Z are forward-invariant under F S .

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