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By Bradely S. Tice

The ebook addresses using algorithmic complexity to accomplish compression on polymer strings to minimize the redundant caliber whereas retaining the numerical caliber intact. It offers an outline of the kinds of polymers and their makes use of. It additionally describes many of the different types of compression platforms that may be used to compress polymer chains into viable devices.

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This can be a Ph. D. dissertation. these days, approximately eighty five% of the realm power call for is introduced by means of fossil strength and oil's proportion in global call for is greater than 30%. global oil intake in keeping with yr has elevated from three. 2 billion m^3 in 1975 to four. four billion m^3 in 2000 and it really is anticipated to extend as much as five. 2 billion m^3 in 2010.

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Traditional literature on random binary sequential strings has this random 15 character binary sequential string as being unable to compress. The author’s method of compression reduces, compresses, the original 15 characters into less than half of the original total length. The author has expanded the use of radix-based number systems beyond the traditional binary, or radix 2 based number system, including two-digit radix numbers – 10, 12 and 16 – as well as radix 3, 4, 5 and 8 based number systems (Tice, 2013).

Number words have long had a place in man’s history especially the number two, 2, that has the suggestive influence of being duel and mirror like in that human beings are bilateral and have two legs and two arms, two eyes, etc… and that common objects come in pairs (Menninger, 1969:12). The act of ‘counting’ as described by Otto Jesperson leads to objects as “more than one” without those objects being identical and that plurality presupposes difference as long as such differences have a conceptual common relationship at the core, such as a ‘pair’ and an ‘apple’, but not a ‘brick and a castl e’(Jesperson,1924/1968:188).

An example would be the English word formula one plus one equals two that can be mathematically notated as 1 + 1 = 2. A hybrid of the two language systems, natural language and mathematical formalisms such as the word formula for one plus one equals two can be written as 1 + one equals 2. © 2015 by Woodhead Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. 26 Compression techniques for polymer sciences The author has done research in the area of natural language and mathematics with a work addressing Kurt Godel’s Continuum Theory use of word problems as proof of inconsistency in David Hilbert’s axiomatic laws of mathematics.

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