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By Ghosh S.K., Chattaraj P.K. (eds.)

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These are artificial intellectual barriers. The numbers of researchers and publications in certain areas of chemistry have been steadily increasing and will continue to do so. In terms of the number of researchers in various areas, there has been a seriously lopsided development in some countries because of the tripartite classification. One An Interview with B. M. D. students with just one Supervisor. I hope the situation will improve and a balanced development will take place. Until 1960s, successive Nobel Committees apparently did not find theoretical chemists worthy of the Nobel Prize, although the latter had enormous impact on the whole of chemistry.

An encounter with a highly charismatic teacher of chemistry put me into chemistry at Presidency College, Kolkata. I began to love the subject because of its all-encompassing nature. I was seriously thinking about going into experimental chemistry. It was a distinguished polymer chemist who advised me to pursue my doctoral studies with Professor C. A. Coulson. Phil. degree was under the Mathematics Faculty at Oxford. Still, it took me six months at Oxford to firmly conclude that theoretical chemistry with its unlimited expanse will be my life, mainly because I knew that I would never be able to come to grips with it.

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