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Darn tootin' 5. you ain't just whistling "Dixie" 6. that's the stomp down truth 7. cross my heart and hope to die and go to hell the next minute 8. pure out 9. right as rain See Certain; Fact Absolutely (guaranteed)1. Would a ten-foot chicken lay a big egg? 2. Would a two-ton hog make a lot of bacon? See also Believe me; Yes AbsquatulatedSee Disappeared suddenly Abundance1. lashin's and lavin's 2. more than you could shake a stick at in a whole week Acala (Hudspeth County)pronounced Ah-CALL-ah, not Ac-a-la; named for the long-staple Mexican cotton that was grown in the area Accept1.

Got more moves than a belly dancer on a roller coaster 2. can turn his hand at almost anything 3. got more moves than a possum on roller skates Adultsomeone who has stopped growing except in the middle Advance warningAccording to Gib Lewis, former speaker of the Texas House, prewarned is prearmed. Advantage1. playing with a deck he stacked 2. got the cavalry on his side 3. paying the right preacher 4. built his teepee inside the fort 5. fightin' a three-legged (or blind) bull 6. got a leg up on everybody 7.

Pickin' your peaches before they're all fuzzed up Acting sickpunin' around Acting sillyacting his hat size, which means he's acting like his age equals his hat size Acting smartacting like he had good sense Acting strange1. his clutch seems to be slipping 2. his tractor ain't gettin' no traction 3. acting like some loco weed got mixed into his feed 4. came unhinged Actionyou can sit up and take notice but it won't do any good if you keep sitting Action without resultsdid a heap of stirring but didn't get no biscuits Actions speak louder than wordswhen the tailgate drops, the BS stops [This saying comes from coon hunters who like to brag about their dogs.

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