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The boot disk is inserted into the appropriate drive and the computer switched on. The files are copied into memory and the boot up sequence started. A boot disk can be used to start up the operating system in the event of failure of the hard drive. bootstrap In general, a means or technique enabling a system to bring itself into some desired state. The word is used in several ways in computing. Most commonly, a bootstrap is a short program whose function is to load another longer program into a computer.

That is inserted between two other devices to compensate for differences in operating speeds, in timing, in voltage levels, etc. burn To write information to a CD or DVD. burster A device that separates into sheets CONTINUOUS STATIONERY produced as output from a PRINTER. The paper is split at the perforations across its width. With multipart stationery a burster frequently also acts as a DECOLLATOR, separating the copies and possibly sorting them into stacks. bus A set of conducting wires – a pathway – connecting several components of a computer and allowing the components to send SIGNALS.

The term COM also applies to the techniques used to produce this form of output. The information is considerably reduced in size before the recording process, enabling a large amount of information to be stored. Special optical viewers must be used to enlarge the information on the microfilm so that people can read it. New film or fiche must be produced if additions or corrections are required. COM has been extensively used since the 1960s, for example, in libraries to catalog books by author and subject.

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