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By James H. Barrett

This number of ten papers investigates the Norse colonization of the North Atlantic area, beginning with Viking growth in Arctic Norway and finishing with a dialogue of the longterm implications of medieval Scandinavian exploration of the recent global. every one bankruptcy presents a quick nearby synthesis of the archaeological facts and, the place acceptable, addresses 3 interrelated topics: the connection among local and newcomer; the construction of neighborhood identities within the payment interval; the connection among archaeology, historical past and the development of contemporary nationwide identities. In series, the chapters specialize in North Norway, the Faeroes, Scotland, eire, Iceland, Greenland, the Inuits of Smith Sound, L'Anse aux Meadows and Vinland, including introductory and concluding chapters.

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In Egils Saga, written down in the first part of the thirteenth century, we are told that Finnm@rk embraced the fjords and 22 BJØRNAR OLSEN Fig. 6. Saami house from the eighth century, Slettnes, Sørøy, Finnmark (after Hesjedal and others 1996) almost all the interior as far south as Hålogaland stretches along the outer coastline. Looking at this name, Finnm@rk, we know that Finns mean Saami, and m@rk means forest or border area in Old Norse language. A similar etymology of the word mark or mork (in the meaning of border, edge, or margin) is to be found in several European languages, also early Germanic (Mundal 1996).

De samiska metalldepåerna år 1000–1350, Archaeology and Environment, 3, Umeå: Department of Archaeology, University of Umeå ——— 1997a. ‘Det samiska samhället’, in I. , 1997b. Möten i gränsland. Samer och germaner i Mellanskandinavien, Statens Historiska Museum, Monographs, 4, Stockholm: Statens Historiska Museum Zachrisson, T. 1998. Gård, gräns och gravfält. Sammanhang kring ädelmetalldepåer och runstenar från vikingatid och tidigmedeltid i Uppland och Gästrikland, Stockholm Studies in Archaeology, 15, Stockholm: Department of Archaeology, University of Stockholm The Early Settlement of the Faroe Islands: The Creation of Cultural Identity STEFFEN STUMMANN HANSEN Introduction I n the north-east North Atlantic, approximately 675 km from the west coast of Norway, 459 km south-east of Iceland, 350 km north of the Hebrides (Western Isles), and 300 km north of Shetland, lies the archipelago of the Faroe Islands.

The latter are in fact an exception. The sagas emphasize the Saami as good hunters, as helpers, as boat builders for chieftains and kings, as healers and fortune-tellers, and as teachers in magic and seiðr. One saga, for instance, narrates how King Olaf Tryggvasson, who was feared for his fight against seiðr and heathendom, himself consulted Saami shamans for knowledge and advice. In the famous battle of Stiklestad in the eleventh century, where north Norwegian chieftains fought against King Olaf Haraldsson (Saint Olaf) and his attempt to Christianize Norway, Saami were said to have participated on the chieftains’ side and supplied them with magical weapons and clothes (Mundal 1996).

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