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By Robert Anton Wilson

This, the long-awaited 3rd quantity of the Cosmic set off trilogy comprises Wilson's witty and funny observations concerning the largely unfold (and, fortunately, untimely) declaration of his dying. And, after all, what Wilson masterpiece will be entire with out synchronicities, non secular enthusiasts, UFOs, crop circles, paranoia, pompous scientists, mystery societies, excessive tech, black magic, quantum physics, hoaxes (real and fake), Orson Welles, James Joyce, Carl Sagan, Madonna and The Vagina of Nuit.

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She didn't Bobbitize the poor bastard on her way out. After thirty years of Radical Feminism, that perhaps shows some oldfashioned decency. Then, at a pagan festival where we both had lecture gigs, Shea met Patricia Monaghan. I saw what happened: a kind of magick, real love at first sight. Pat gave Shea's last two years a transfinite boost of TLC and almost youthful joy . The day before he lapsed My Life After Death 45 into coma, he arranged to marry Pat, even though he had not yet divorced Yvonne.

I therefore assume that the universe of experience-the sensory-sensual world, as Marx called it--consists only of nonnormal or eccentric bumps in the space-time continuum. You never will find a normal person, a normal dog or even a normal zebra. Nobody can produce an average sonata, an average Pollock painting or even an average Playmate of the Month. " Robert Anton Wilson 34 mathematically normal labels that idea which no actual event exemplifies. As a famous poet of old Japan wrote, Mountain poolFrog jumpingGurgle-gurgle-gurgle!

The first study appeared about six or seven months ago, and I didn't save any news stories about it, mostly because it didn't arouse any controversy among the Experts. This survey rated 150 breeds of dogs for comparative IQ. ) The Australian Shepherd, a favorite of mine, scored ninth. I don't remember much of the other details. As I said, this report aroused no controversy. Defenders of the Afghan did not rush into print charging the authors of the study with afghanophobia, breedism, political incorrectness, sloppy research technique or inadequate methodology.

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