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By Courtney Brown

Via clinical distant Viewing, the writer "reveals that a minimum of alien civilizations were and stay in detail concerned with Earth people: a Martian race who ... nonetheless fight to outlive on their approximately useless planet; and the Greys, a hugely complicated humanoid people."

summary: via clinical distant Viewing, the writer "reveals that no less than alien civilizations were and remain in detail concerned with Earth people: a Martian race who ... nonetheless fight to outlive on their approximately lifeless planet; and the Greys, a hugely complicated humanoid people."

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The "traditional thinker" sees "a unique and intimate link between words and things ," such that words are absolutely bound to reality, and to control or manipulate words is to have the same power over the thilll,ls they stand for (p. 156). Modern science has dismissed such ideas because they would imply that reality did not exist independently of language and that human whim could control the world (p. 157). This is precisely the force of Kepler's objections to numerology and to much of astrology, as projections of human categories onto the physiclIl world.

163). The phenomenon of "secondary elaboration" is familiar in the occult sciences, as in astrology, where predictive failure can be put down to inaccurate information about the exact time of birth ; or in alchemy, where failure to perform transmutation can be blamed on the composition of the metals or the temperature of the furnace. A still wider escape clause is available in both sciences in the form of the explanation that the adept or his client or both lacked religious purity. ) Keeping track of successes and failures is a mark of the anti-occult movement, from Pico' s dispute with astrology to such a tract as William Perkins's Faure Great Lyers (1585) , which puts side by side four astrological almanacs with their predictions of the daily weather, showing amazing divergences from each other.

Their particular significance is that they preserve the earlier stages of the trials, the accusations, shedding much light on popular, as opposed to learned, attitudes. The majority of the accused were poor women, most of them over forty, who had had a long local reputation of malefice, actual harm to neighbors and animals. While they had been tolerated for many years , a sudden dispute, followed by a misfortune, could precipitate a prosecution . Frequently the accused began their defense with a pathetic confession of how they had been tempted by the devil, diabolic pacts being a key feature of popular beliefs.

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