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By Mitchel P. Roth

Coupling old research with fresh developments, Crime and Punishment: A background of the legal Justice System, 2nd Edition provides a complete exam of the heritage of the legal justice system--from its roots within the historic international and nice Britain throughout the twenty first Century influence of terrorism and white collar crime on legal justice associations, together with the courts, police, and prisons.

Written by way of a historian and criminologist, the ebook demonstrates how historical past has formed the current legal justice process and the way it impacts public coverage being tested at the present time. It deals exciting perception into the people--such as Robert F. Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover--and events--like the Innocence Project--that impacted the evolution of the yank method. It additionally examines the problems hard today's process, reminiscent of Ponzi schemes, clinical marijuana, the second one probability Act, faith-based projects, legal gangs, and lots more and plenty extra.

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But once they were recorded, Athenians could no longer ignore the need to reform such a harsh law code. With the introduction of Draco’s code, Greece made the transition from the preliterate era of customary law to written code. Greek legal developments made important strides during this era. The laws recorded by Draco (and later Solon) were published on pillars of wood for religious matters and on bronze for other types of laws. Although no fragments of Draco’s code have survived, information pertaining to the laws has been passed down to us from the early Greek historians.

10 CHAPTER 1 Unlike the martial law of the Spartans, Athenians reveled in their political freedom in the absence of dictatorship. Unlike the divinely influenced Mosaic law or the royally dictated Babylonian code, Greek law developed into the consensus of the people. The Lawgivers Prior to the introduction of writing, Athenian law and the administration of justice remained in the hands of an oligarchy, and each generation orally handed down the unwritten law codes. Over time, the underclasses demanded that the laws be recorded so that they would be known by all rather than being confined as the province of the wellborn elite members of society.

Without a police force, public prosecutors, or sheriffs, crime went unchecked during the last century of the Roman Republic. ” Robberies and house breakins were common, and gangs of street toughs roamed the streets, giving the city the character of a town from America’s Wild West era. Besides street crime, political assassinations were a common mode of replacing prominent leaders, including such legendary figures as Julius Caesar and the Gracci brothers. C. signaled the beginning of organized law enforcement in the ancient world.

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